Muhammad Farhan

    Developer.Student - GGSIPU '20


Backend Engineer @ClassPlus

ClassPlus is India's one of the biggest ed-tech platform for online coaching.

Worked with the Store team which is like a Udemy platform of Classplus where tutors sell their courses to generate passive income.

Software Development Engineer @Zomato

Zomato is India's one of the biggest food delivery and dining platform.

Worked in Menu/Catalogue micro-service which handles all menu related operations for both customers and restaurant owners (merchants). Its backend is written in Golang and use gRPCs to communicate with other micro-services.

Firefox Account Security Dashboard

Security Dashboard for performing forensics on Firefox Accounts
Google Summer of Code @Mozilla - Summers 2019

Personal Projects


Built a full-stack web application where Candidates can apply to available jobs and both Candidate and Recruiter will be notified via an email about a new job application. Implemented an Admin Dashboard to monitor and delete Candidates, Jobs and Recruiters.

WhatsChat Android App

While organising coding challenges in college, around ​50+ students​ used to come up just before starting the event to participate and to send them updates on WhatsApp we had to save their contact numbers which was hectic and time-consuming.

Built an Android app using ​React Native​ to send direct messages on WhatsApp without saving contact numbers. Used for ​2400+ students ​to send direct messages.

Movie Rental App

Built a backend movie rental web application using ​Express.js​ framework. Implemented REST APIs for signup, login, movie genres, renting a movie, etc. Implemented user authentication using JSON Web Tokens, used ​Winston​ for logging exceptions.